Review Article Basilar Skull Fracture (BSF)/Fraktur Basis Cranii

Head injury is the leading cause of death, and disability. Benefits of the head, including skull and face is to protect the brain against injury. In addition to coverage by the bone, brain, also closed a hard layer called the meninges fibrous and there is a liquid called cerebrospinal fuild (CSF). Trauma has the potential to cause skull fractures, bleeding in the space surrounding the brain, bruises on the brain tissue, or nerve damage relations between the brain1.

Basilar Skull Fracture (BSF) is a fracture due to a direct conflict in the skull base regions (occiput, mastoid, supraorbita) energy transmission from the conflict on the face or mandible, or the effects of ‘remote’ from the conflict in the head ( ‘pressure waves’ which dipropagasi from the point of conflict or changes in skull shape)2.

In several studies have shown basilar skull fracture can be caused by different mechanisms of force caused fracture referred maksilofacial impacts,  force of impacts the cranial and lateral direction of the cranial vault, or because the load inertia by head3.

Patients with Basilar skull fracture (pertrous os temporal fracture) was found with otorrhea and a bruise on the mastoids (battle sign). Presentations with anterior fossa fracture cranii base is Rhinorrhea and bruising around the palpebra (Raccoon eyes).Loss of consciousness and Glasgow Coma Scale can vary, depending on intracranial pathological conditions. For the diagnosis of Basilar skull fracture, beginning with a complete neurological examination, laboratory analysis of the basic, diagnostic for fracture of the inspection radiologic4.

Handling of victims of head injury begins with ensuring that the airway, Breathing, circulation freely and safely. Many victims of head injury accompanied by multiple trauma and treatment of these patients are not put at the head of the priority handling, initial resuscitation done thoroughly4.

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Review Article Basilar Skull Fracture (BSF)/Fraktur Basis Cranii

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